LUC-studies in English

For study year 2020-2021 the studies provided within the consortium focus on whole subjects of 20-30 credits. In English, LUC studies include the following studies. 

China studies 20 op

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 Chinese Culture and History 5 ECTS, Autumn

China's Political System and China as a Global Actor 5 ECTS

China - Business and State 5 ECTS, Autumn

Chinese Society - China and Media 5 ECTS


Arctic Studies 25 op

Introduction to the Arctic              5 cr

Arctic Ecosystems and Adaptation of Species to Arctic Environment          5 cr

Arctic Governance          5 cr

People, Culture and Identities of the Arctic           5 cr

Indigenous (Sámi) spirituality and religious beliefs (not translated)            5 cr

Food security and sovereignty in the Arctic (not translated)     1 cr


International Business 25 op.

Diversity Management 5 op

Global political economy 5 op // Employment and labour law 5 op

Sustainable investing and finance 5 op

Risk management 5 op // International marketing 5 op

Social impact management 5 op

Strategic sales 5 op // Sustainable accounting 5 op


Master degree studies: 

Service Ecosystems and Platforms 13.1. - 20.5.2020  10 cr

Business Model Innovations and Leadership 07.09. - 05.10.2020  10 cr 

Digital Transformation Strategies 28.09. - 16.11.2020  10 cr

The courses are free of charge for UAS or Uni Lapland degree students. Moodle and Adobe Connect platforms may be used. You can find all LUC-studies in UAS study guide.

You can also find LUC-studies in WebOodi.

Please keep in mind that, UAS and Uni Lapland students have the right to apply for all the courses in the other university, although some former studies may be required and restrictions may apply. LUC-studies are especially chosen studies for other university.



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