Summer greetings to alumni!

It is no news that tourism is increasing. It is increasing almost everywhere. In Finland and Lapland, the growth has been exceptionally strong. The increase in the number of tourists arriving in Finland has been about twice as big as in the EU on average.

We have also read in newspapers that for example in Palma de Mallorca and Madrid, there are restrictions on renting apartments for short-term tourism use. The strong growth in tourist numbers and the solutions enabled by platform economy have resulted in a situation that locals can no longer afford housing costs in city centres and on the whole the living conditions of the locals have weakened there. Even though most regions still discuss how to attract tourists, some places are intending to reduce tourism.

The Multidimensional Tourism Institute responds to this situation with a research programme into controlled tourism growth. The research programme is divided into four areas: (1.) new measurement methodologies of tourism growth, (2.) participatory design and sharing economy, (3.) tools for wellbeing and impact assessment, as well as (4.) empowerment of human agencies. All areas will include both academic research and regional development projects.

Last but not least, I would like to wish all our alumni a good and relaxing summer!

Director of the MTI
Antti Honkanen

The Multidimensional Tourism Institute (MTI) nominated the alumni for the year 2018

Each year the MTI nominates two commendable tourism alumni, one from the University of Lapland, one from the Lapland University of Applied Sciences. The MTI tourism alumni for the year 2018 are Liisa Kokkarinen and Sanna Kolomainen. The selection criteria were versatile cooperation with the MTI and success in working life.

The alumni were announced at the alumni event ”New luxury of tourism”, which attracted a large audience. The over 70 participants included alumni, other representatives from working life, students and personnel.

Mona Eskola, the key speaker at the event discussed the versatility of the concept of luxury. Other speakers were Liisa Kokkarinen, Service Design Manager of Lapland Hotels & Lapland Safaris, Paula Aspholm, Senior Planning Officer at Parks & Wildlife Finland / Metsähallitus and Yulia Alasuutari, Sales Manager of Lapland Luxury.


Research Programme into Controlled Tourism Growth

Since last autumn, the MTI has worked on a project portfolio connected with questions concerning tourism growth. The work results in the Research Programme into Controlled Tourism Growth. The aim is to look for an optimal socio-political and ecological solution for tourism development supporting local wellbeing. Controlled growth is enabled through participatory tourism planning.

The objective is to build such a model of participatory tourism planning which ensures controlled tourism growth in those regions and environments which are hoped to remain and develop as popular residential and cultural areas and/or valuable natural areas despite the presence of tourism – or specifically with its help.

The research programme will be taken forward in four different areas (see figure below) with both academic research projects and regional development projects. The outcomes include teaching materials creating novel models of participatory planning, a tourism planning handbook and application for tourism developers as well as practical guides for tourists, tour operators and locals.


Further information:
Outi Rantala, outi.rantala(at) and other contact persons

New research on the impact of animal-based tourism services in Lapland

A study on the impact of animal-based tourism services identified a total number of 158 animal-based tourism service firms operating in Lapland generating an annual turnover of over 15 million euros.

According to a survey on tourists’ views on animals working in tourism, animal-based tourism services are next to landscapes and natural phenomena one of the most important reasons to travel to Lapland. However, the tourists are well informed of the problems connected with the treatment of animals. Most respondents were worried about the treatment of animals in modern society, and they would not allow poor treatment of animals in tourism services under any circumstances.

These studies for the project Animal Welfare in Tourism Services (Eläinten hyvinvointi matkailupalveluissa) were conducted by the Multidimensional Tourism Institute / the University of Lapland. The reports and infographs are available at the project website in Finnish and English.

Animal-based tourism services in Lapland.png

EU’s General Data Protection Regulation and MTI alumni

The new General Data Protection Regulation came into force on Friday, 25 May. Connected with it, we are making the necessary changes to the management of MTI alumni contact information. We have approached the University of Lapland alumni with emails about updating contact information and registration.

We will continue informing about the MTI activities as before – the only difference is that in future the records will be kept in different systems. So if you want to keep receiving emails about MTI events, current news and cooperation opportunities as well as receive MTI alumni newsletters, please follow these instructions.

MTI alumni from the University of Lapland: join the University of Lapland alumni register at:
MTI alumni from Lapland UAS: you will be informed about the process during autumn.

If you do not want to receive MTI alumni news in future, this does not require anything from you. We will delete your information from the register.

RESTO ”Urban Port”

”Napapiirin Restokaput” represented the Lapland UAS and the MTI at the RESTO2018 competition in Helsinki 22. – 23.3.2018. The aim of the RESTO competition is to spread the word about Finnish hospitality management studies. The event advances the networking of hospitality management students and experts. The MTI team included Sofia Lukkarila, Emmi Kainulainen, Vesa Oikarinen and Ella Mäkinen. The competition was organized by the Laurea UAS, and the competition theme was ”Urban Port”.

This year also alumni teams could participate. The Lapland UAS was represented by our alumni from Helsinki: Mikko Ilves and Teemu Seppi in their team “Arctic Saison”.

Further information:
Petra Paloniemi, petra.paloniemi(at)
Heidi Kaihua, heidi.kaihua(at)

The Northern Finnishline team reached the finals at EMCup in Maastricht

MTI / Lapland UAS hospitality students Samuli Kangas, Henna-Riikka Kemppainen, Aino Kiljo and Vivian Nissilä wonderfully presented us at the international EMCup 2018 competition in Maastricht, Holland. This year the theme of the competition was ”High Tech vs. High Touch”. Our team placed 7th out of 33 teams.

The competition challenges the students with versatile assignments. The pre-assignments included a social media campaign, an academic paper and a presentation video as well as a HOTS simulation. At the competition emphasis was on performance skills, innovativeness and networking skills. The jury consisted of 71 members from 40 international companies (e.g. Hilton, NH Hotels, TUI). The event offers the students a great opportunity to network and the participating educational institutions fine reputation.

Check this video about this year’s EMCup experiences.

Further information:
Heidi Kaihua, heidi.kaihua(at)
Petra Paloniemi, petra.paloniemi(at)

Master’s thesis
Did you think that with this video you offend many old, faithful customers?" (Anu Harju-Myllyaho).


Are you interested to cooperate with us through your organization? Are you interested in new ideas and angles that our students and projects create for companies and organizations? As MTI alumni you have great opportunities to recruit our students for practical training, to offer commissioning tasks for various study units, Bachelor’s and Master’s theses or to come and tell your own interesting career story to our students! And if you are interested in our ongoing projects, check the MTI website .

Contact the MTI alumni coordinators:
Minna Sipponen, minna.sipponen(at)
Salla Jutila, salla.jutila(at)


We wish you,
our dear Alumni,
a truly wonderful holiday season!


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